• Nippon Department Store

    Nippon Department StoreAnother window will open

    Department store
    "Bodily sensation experience-based in Japan" is concept. We choose comfort of various parts of Japan and introduce.

  • Hinomotohanpu

    HinomotohanpuAnother window will open

    Canvas bag, accessory
    Canvas bag which adds to texture so as to use by basic design.

  • Kuukankobo Takuya

    Kuukankobo TakuyaAnother window will open

    Furniture, interior miscellaneous goods
    Furniture of tree which the skill and disposition of friendship cabinet-maker valuing "Wabi" "rust" are transmitted through

  • Turner KOLOR spice

    Turner KOLOR spiceAnother window will open

    "Workshop" which repaints room by Let's paint! oneself
    Do you not challenge ... self-paint? ...

  • EISHIN school bag factory

    EISHIN school bag factoryAnother window will open

    You pick up purely domestic school bag producing company factories, and please sense good feel of a material and back comfort bodily.

  • AngelDEPT.

    AngelDEPT.Another window will open

    It is development with product which is safe let alone utility and quality, design, and was particular about concept in "we do child care with feelings slightly different from other people".


    SUIYOU TOKYOAnother window will open

    True store of sekokamagen*kama which makes "good old thing o concept on modern dining table." It is shop which not only you can buy Seto ware, but also can experience.

  • Mick

    MickAnother window will open

    Wallet, leather accessory
    We produce convenient wallet and leather accessory to lifestyle

  • Yanaka Coffee

    Yanaka CoffeeAnother window will open

    Coffee beans sale, cafe
    Specialty store of coffee beans sale to roast from straight bean every order.

  • ifutiato

    ifutiatoAnother window will open

    We make hats using various material

  • Audio system mijinko

    Audio system mijinkoAnother window will open

    We listen and see happily and suggest lovely relaxation audio system with speaker and audio system accessories of studio original.


    NEWBLUE TRICKAnother window will open

    Craftsman thing which is born from Ibara-shi, Okayama. We pursue design full of originality and good comfort using indigo material


    K CRAFTWORK JAPANAnother window will open

    Profiler "Keiji Kanagawa" and atelier & gallery which MINASE watch performed collaboration of. We devise design image, and you can see clock which is available only demonstration and here until processing, manufacture and assembly, adjustment.

  • Cafe ASAN

    Cafe ASANAnother window will open

    Asian animation cafe
    It is suggested form as one COMMUNITY in order to make huge animation market in Asia

  • RayzCloset

    RayzClosetAnother window will open

    Material which selected carefully is used by each country. Leather can show various expressions by how to use. As for the leather great erudition seminar.

  • Takumi no Hako Kisetsu to Kogei

    Takumi no Hako Kisetsu to KogeiAnother window will open

    We introduce special dish of artisan whom Japan is proud of to the nail clippers beginning of SUWADA loved in the world.

  • Soshin Kaleidoscopes

    Soshin KaleidoscopesAnother window will open

    Our restaurant's original kaleidoscope which fuses with craftsmanship of Japanese folkcraft in the latest processing technique with kaleidoscope derived from the West, and wraps heart of person seeing in new impression.

  • Borsa

    BorsaAnother window will open

    Leather products
    We produce bag, leather accessory, leather accessories and sell Blenders pouch of deerskin to main. We accept custom-made consultation.

  • Utsuwaya Tuku

    Utsuwaya TukuAnother window will open

    It is shop of ceramic art writer of Kyoto and Kobe. We have relaxing container which we suggest widely.

  • MASUNAGA1905

    MASUNAGA1905Another window will open

    Shop of Masunaga glasses with many fans too of celebrity. With glasses of high quality which craftsman makes carefully, and put up, is good; hang; in feeling.


    NOCRAAnother window will open

    Wooden miscellaneous goods
    Shop of wooden miscellaneous goods which we produced in Hokkaido, Asahikawa.
    As for stationery, toy, the interior,
    We have feelings and product full of senses of fun.

  • Tabata Glass Studio

    Tabata Glass StudioAnother window will open

    Glass industrial arts
    Kiln work-based studio juxtaposition shop.
    As for the experience-based lesson to be able to enjoy from child to adult
    Regular now being held.

  • World Coin Gallery

    World Coin Gallery Another window will open

    Coin jewelry
    Store specializing in coins, We handle all from ancient Greece Rome coin to gold coin, silver coin, minor coin of modern coin.

  • Partina

    PartinaAnother window will open

    Jewelry miscellaneous goods
    Expert Sekikazu of leopard print is kimono accessories, specialized shop to miscellaneous goods from jewelry which we designed.


    GLEN CLYDE SOCK CLUB TOKYOAnother window will open

    Socks which were particular about "material" "design" "technique", and were made one by one in Japan.
    Please taste bold product once.

  • Hacoa

    HacoaAnother window will open

    Wooden miscellaneous goods
    Shop of wooden miscellaneous goods brand "Hacoa"

  • @griffe Tokyo

    @griffe TokyoAnother window will open

    Bag, accessory
    We make only tote bag in the world. We dye French newspaper and magazine and give special coating of plastic.

  • Aki-Oka Jewelry Kousho

    Aki-Oka Jewelry KoushoAnother window will open

    Jewelry, accessories
    It is unfolded to jewelry widely by accessories.
    We heard consultation such as reform, wedding ring.

  • megurite

    meguriteAnother window will open

    We sell special dish which came out of the making of faithful thing of all over Japan

  • b3Labo

    b3LaboAnother window will open

    Leather goods
    We offer leather work mainly on original custom belt


    LITSTAAnother window will open

    Leather bag, accessory
    We suggest design becoming nice when we have


    MAITOAnother window will open

    Dyeing with vegetable dyes knit, fabric
    We produce nature material and items such as dyeing with vegetable dyes-based knit or life miscellaneous goods and sell

  • 2moa

    2moaAnother window will open

    We suggest jewelry to o concept that "something is born as from there!"

  • Takatoriyaki Onimarusetsuzan Kamamoto

    Takatoriyaki Onimarusetsuzan KamamotoAnother window will open

    Ceramic art
    Including tea service set, it is assortment of goods widely only to cup, bath used habitually every day

  • Iron cafe

    Iron cafeAnother window will open

    We provide waffle which can image process of manufacture of iron in space that is conscious of iron by all means. In gallery, we hold metal experience-based classrooms melting with hot water.

  • AtelierSYOKO

    AtelierSYOKOAnother window will open

    Clay Dole, colored pencil image, porcelain
    Clay Dole writer, atelier shop of Sachiko Kushima

  • Allamanda-leather

    Allamanda-leatherAnother window will open

    Leather accessories, accessory
    We have accessory mainly on leather accessories reflecting the image of flower

  • Tokyo noble

    Tokyo nobleAnother window will open

    Umbrella, miscellaneous goods
    Specialized shop of umbrella which can customize "umbrella only in the world"

  • Yushokuya Boo

    Yushokuya BooAnother window will open

    Shop which can enjoy meal and liquor while seeing work of "sutajioamou" (N-5)
    ※Wednesday business store


    STUDIO UAMOUAnother window will open

    Art & design
    Atelier shop of "UAMOU"

  • inoui

    inouiAnother window will open

    Leather bag, leather accessory, accessories
    Brand which has both senses that are technique and art of craftsman


    MASAAKi TAKAHASHiAnother window will open

    It is production sale with costume jewelry to make with "it approaches thing" traditional by brightness of Swarovski element. We can order tiaras, too.

  • Shimekouba Nijiyura

    Shimekouba NijiyuraAnother window will open

    Of chusen brand "nijiyura" of great Hankai
    Concept store where koubano atmosphere is felt.
    We are doing manufacturing to convey chusen.

  • a: buchiadot

    a: buchiadotAnother window will open

    We produce accessories, jewelry which we made use of the subject matter of metal in


    SPINGLE MOVEAnother window will open

    Perform all processes in domestic company factory, purely domestic sneakers "SPINGLE MOVE" by the VAL Kanai's manufacturing method

  • Paulownia shop Tanaka 2k540 shop

    Paulownia shop Tanaka 2k540 shopAnother window will open

    Furniture, household goods
    We had a lot of goods which could sense specialty store, good material of "paulownia" called paulownia bodily close.

  • Largesk

    LargeskAnother window will open

    Studio of men's accessories-centered assortment of goods and shop. As we can process on the spot, various services are received.

  • plus Orange

    plus OrangeAnother window will open

    Using "paper such as leather" and "paper such as Inden which the company produces in patent technology," we sell various products full of design.

  • Createtsu

    CreatetsuAnother window will open

    Studio juxtaposition type store to treat iron, stainless steel. We cope with various customization.

  • Nakazawa Kaban

    Nakazawa KabanAnother window will open

    Leather products
    Original bag which was born from arm and the skill that polished, and were able to blunder that Nakazawa Kaban stood in situation of person who had and thought about.

  • Toumei

    ToumeiAnother window will open

    Resin product
    Shop which handles superior resin product.

  • Event space (gallery space)

    Event space (gallery space)Another window will open

    Event, special event, workshop includes event space to have you use in the short term in 2k540.

    Please inquire for the details from CONTACT.