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ABOUT FACILITY facility introduction

We thoroughly enjoy meal of smart Edo
Attractive Japanese dishes restaurants gather in o concept "enjoying food culture of smart Edo." at Ryogoku Station.
In old station building of historical Ryogoku Station, colonnade space being aware of townspeople's houses of Edo spreads out. You mention charm of Japanese dishes, and please enjoy food culture and tradition of Edo.
  • Tokyo store
  • Tsukishima monjamoheji
  • Turnip comes; tuna
  • Chanko Kirishima
  • Ryogokubashi tea shop
  • Arrive; hemorrhoids noh dance sushi
  • Nezu chicken
  • Tempura restaurant gourd
  • Mouth which door front teahouse becomes
  • Japanese bashiyabu kyu
  • Tsukiji restaurant source
  • Opening time 10:00-23:30
  • Closed days January 1 and 2, facility check day (the uncertainty)
  • ※Business hours vary according to stores. For more details, please confirm than list of stores.
    ※We may close a shop by change to dinner menu and work learned temporarily about some stores.
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INFORMATION news, special event

[toward the media] We heard various location shooting
[Tochigi brand ingredients fair holding]
Announcement of February, 2020 closure shop
[11] A time when is sweet with famous tea which Ieyasu loved "Ryogokubashi tea shop"
[ten] "Tsukiji restaurant source" proficient in fresh fish of the Ryogoku station square highest possible market direct shipment
[nine] Sake of hi-tech secret base Tokyo of Edo flock "Tokyo store"
[toward the media] We heard various location shooting
[eight] Serious seafood bowl "turnip we come tuna" which can come out because it is professional fishmonger
[seven] Real Edo-style Tempura "Tempura restaurant gourd" that craftsmanship and feelings shine
[six] "Japanese bashiyabu kyu" which comes across traditional taste at long-established store of Edo three large soba
[five] Fukagawa meal and store specializing in pure mijiu "mouth which door front teahouse becomes" across conventional tradition
[four] "Nezu chicken hana" which smacks its lips over local production for local consumption, rare Tokyo gamefowl
[three] Red shari experience-based "we arrive hemorrhoids noh dance sushi" where is natural at the Edomae-zushi birthplace
[two] Grilling foods on an iron plate "Tsukishima monjamoheji" excellent at the freshness that well-established riverside fish market runs
[one] "Chanko Kirishima" that tastes Seoul foods of Ryogoku at long-established store of royal road
Under sumida Hokusai Museum & Edo Tokyo Museum stub service conduct!
[jinrikisha pier] ※We stop 7/18 ... for the time being

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  • JR Sobu Line Ryogoku Station west exit direct connection
    7 minutes walk from getting off at Toei Oedo Line Ryogoku Station

  • 1-3-20, Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

A lot of charm is Ryogoku

A lot of charm to inherit tradition, culture from the Edo era around Ryogoku. "Ryogoku tourist information center" in "- Ryogoku - Edo NOREN" shows around the town of Ryogoku. Please drop in.

  • sumida Hokusai Museum
    sumida Hokusai Museum
    Art museum of Hokusai Katsushika who is famous for ukiyoe print. Various works of Hokusai who spent most of life in Sumida-ku are seen. The November 22, 2016 opening!
  • Edo Tokyo Museum
    Edo Tokyo Museum
    We restore the town of Nihonbashi and Edo of size of the original and living of people with precise model! Holding occasional in temporary exhibition and the experience-based classroom!
  • Tokyo waterside line (water bus)
    Tokyo waterside line (water bus)
    Let's enjoy Tokyo from water bus! It navigates in Asakusa and Odaiba, Hamarikyu. Night Cruise of the weekend is popular, too! (during the present repair work)